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World Neurosurgery Journal: Advancing the Field of Neurosurgery

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Neurosurgery is a specialized field that deals with diagnosing, treating, and managing disorders affecting the nervous system. As a rapidly evolving field, neurosurgeons and researchers must stay current with the latest advancements and findings. The World Neurosurgery Journal is vital in disseminating valuable research, clinical studies, and innovative techniques. In this article, we will explore the significance of the World Neurosurgery Journal and how it contributes to the advancement of neurosurgery.

World Neurosurgery Journal Impact Factor, Indexing, Ranking

Journal Information
Journal NameWorld Neurosurgery Journal
Impact Factor2.876
Indexing– PubMed
– Scopus
– Web of Science
– Embase
– BIOSIS Previews
– Google Scholar
Ranking– 15th out of 204 in the field of Surgery
– 37th out of 204 in the field of Clinical Neurology
– 51st out of 139 in the field of Neurosciences
Open Access OptionsHybrid Open Access
Articles Published AnnuallyOver 600

World Neurosurgery Journal: A Premier Source of Knowledge

The World Neurosurgery Journal is a leading publication that covers a wide range of topics related to neurosurgery. Its rigorous peer-review process and high publication standards ensure that the information shared is reliable, accurate, and of the highest quality. The journal fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field by serving as a platform for neurosurgeons, researchers, and scientists.

The Role of the World Neurosurgery Journal in Advancing Neurosurgery

The World Neurosurgery Journal plays a crucial role in advancing the field of neurosurgery. Let’s delve into some key areas where the journal has made significant contributions:

Research and Clinical Studies

The journal publishes original research articles, clinical studies, and case reports that provide valuable insights into various neurosurgical conditions and their management. These publications help neurosurgeons and researchers stay updated with advancements, emerging techniques, and treatment outcomes.

Surgical Techniques and Innovations

Advancements in surgical techniques and innovations are essential for improving patient outcomes in neurosurgery. The World Neurosurgery Journal provides a platform for sharing novel surgical approaches, innovative technologies, and breakthrough procedures. Neurosurgeons can learn from these techniques and incorporate them into their practice, benefiting their patients.

Education and Training

Neurosurgery requires a high level of skill and expertise. The World Neurosurgery Journal publishes educational materials, review articles, and expert opinions that aid neurosurgeons’ training and professional development. These resources enhance their knowledge base, refine their surgical skills, and inform them about the latest guidelines and best practices.

Global Collaboration and Networking

Neurosurgery is a global discipline, and collaboration among experts worldwide is vital for progress. The World Neurosurgery Journal facilitates international cooperation by providing a platform for researchers and clinicians to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on research projects. This global network promotes cross-cultural learning and fosters innovation in neurosurgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the World Neurosurgery Journal?

The World Neurosurgery Journal is a renowned publication on neurosurgery research, clinical studies, and surgical innovations. It serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and advancing the field.

How can I access the articles published in the World Neurosurgery Journal?

The World Neurosurgery Journal offers both print and online subscriptions. You can access the journal’s website to explore the latest articles and subscribe to stay updated with the advancements in neurosurgery.

Who can submit reports to the World Neurosurgery Journal?

The World Neurosurgery Journal welcomes submissions from neurosurgeons, researchers, and scientists who have conducted original research, clinical studies or have valuable insights to share in the field of neurosurgery.

How long does it take for an article to be published in the World Neurosurgery Journal?

The time for an article to be published in the World Neurosurgery Journal can vary. After submission, the paper undergoes a thorough peer-review process, which can take several weeks to months. The duration depends on factors such as the complexity of the study, reviewer availability, and revisions required.

Can I cite articles from the World Neurosurgery Journal in my research?

Absolutely! Articles published in the World Neurosurgery Journal are highly regarded and can be cited in your research papers, dissertations, or academic works. It is essential to reference the article following the journal’s citation guidelines properly.

Does the World Neurosurgery Journal publish articles on all subspecialties of neurosurgery?

Yes, the World Neurosurgery Journal covers a broad range of subspecialties within neurosurgery. Whether it’s neuro-oncology, vascular neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, or spine surgery, you can find valuable articles and research about various subspecialties in the journal.

Are there any open-access articles available in the World Neurosurgery Journal?

While the World Neurosurgery Journal primarily operates on a subscription-based model, it does offer some open-access articles. These articles are freely available to readers without requiring a subscription. However, it’s important to note that most content may require a subscription or purchase.

Can I submit a review article or an opinion piece to the World Neurosurgery Journal?

Yes, the World Neurosurgery Journal welcomes review articles and opinion pieces. These articles provide a comprehensive overview of a specific topic or present a unique perspective on issues relevant to neurosurgery. It is recommended to review the journal’s submission guidelines for specific requirements.

How can I stay updated with the latest research and articles in the World Neurosurgery Journal?

To stay updated with the latest research and articles in the World Neurosurgery Journal, subscribe to their newsletter or follow the journal on social media platforms. Additionally, regularly visiting their website and exploring the table of contents of each new issue will keep you informed about the latest advancements in the field.


The World Neurosurgery Journal plays a pivotal role in advancing the field of neurosurgery. Its publication of high-quality research articles, clinical studies, and innovative surgical techniques contributes significantly to the knowledge base of neurosurgeons worldwide. The journal’s commitment to rigorous peer review ensures the reliability and accuracy of the information shared. By promoting collaboration, education, and global networking, the World Neurosurgery Journal strengthens the community of neurosurgeons and facilitates the exchange of ideas and advancements. It remains an indispensable resource for those involved in the practice and research of neurosurgery.

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