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Privacy Policy


We value the privacy of our visitors and care about how information about them is collected, stored or shared. We do not collect any information about our visitors except general traffic information including Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet Service Provider, demographic data, page views, on-page duration, general address of comment poster. And so, do it purely for statistical and analytical purposes. Please note that while we do not share the email addresses of our visitors with anyone other than our administrators, we may share general traffic information as defined above with third parties for data analysis and marketing purposes.

Terms of Use

Using without notice. It is in the interest of visitors to check the Terms of Service now and then abide by them. If you do not wish to accept the Terms of Use, you may refrain from using the Website.

While we strive to provide accurate information, we will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any misinformation published here. We do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of published information, and visitors are urged to use it at their own risk. You will be solely responsible for the consequences of your use of the Content that violates any local, state, national or international law.


We have no control over automatically generated third party ads. Therefore, we will not be responsible if any loss or damage is shown in third party advertisements due to misinformation, objectionable, hateful and harmful content. However, visitors are welcome to contact us by posting comments about such advertisements below, and we will try to avoid publishing such advertisements in the future.

We may use featured articles, content provided by the respective brand (advertising or vendor material or native advertising or whatever you call it). The company directly produces such content, and we do not guarantee any factual accuracy.


We do not use cookies. However, third-party ads served by Google AdSense may use double-click cookies and provide the above definition to help general visitors better target ads based on past visits. It may store or share visitor information, such as IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, if any, to analyze third-party click-through processes and prevent fraudulent activities. We have no access or control over these cookies and third-party advertisers. Any privacy issues related to them should be addressed directly. Please visit Google’s Guidelines and Principles; If you would like more information about Google’s policies regarding third-party cookies, please visit Google’s policies and principles. You can also choose to use double-click cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting Google Ads Settings.


We may use external links for the convenience of our visitors and will not be responsible for any content on third-party websites or for any misleading links or targeted pages that have been changed or removed. You can follow the link at your own risk.


All content is copyright. You may read, note down, store electronically and share and distribute Content on social media to friends for personal use or educational purposes. Except for partial reproduction of the material for testimonials, any copyright in the material is an infringement of our copyrights. The material must not be reproduced commercially in any form. Suppose you see that any material published here is an infringement of your copyright. In those circumstances, you are requested to contact us, and we will take the necessary steps to remove all infringing copyrighted material as soon as possible.