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ABDC Journal Quality List 2022 with PDF File

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ABDC Journal Quality List

Are you facing problems and identifying authentic ABDC journals? Do you know how you can check the whole of the list ABDC provides? This article is just for you. You can choose your research paper journal by looking at the ABDC Journal quality list of through this article.

ABDC-ranked journals are high in demand in today’s research field, and it not only ensures that your work is published in a high-quality journal. But it also ensures that you meet all the requirements of your institution’s appraisers and performance reviews.

So, The ABDC website, The ABDC means Australian Business Deans Council. The main aim of this particular council was to make Australia’s business schools bit. With this aim, they started ranking all the international journals available according to the ABDC to a 19 journal quality list review final report, which was published on 6th December 2019.

The ABDC determined that it would establish a journal quality list into seven for the use of its members. At the same time, ABDC accepted that it was impossible to establish a journalist that would achieve agreement among all the interests of stakeholders. It nevertheless recognized the importance of establishing a journal list that would help guide researchers to select quality outlets as targets for the result. The inaugural version of the ABDC console list was released in 2008. And it consisted of around 2006 and 71 different journal titles, based on an overhaul of the review of all the journal titles and the performance. The categories were defined by a star A, B, and C.

ABDC Journal Quality List

TitlePublisherField of ResearchRatingISSNISSN Online
4ORSpringer Nature1503B1619-45001614-2411
AACE International TransactionsAACE International1503B1528-71061528-7106
AbacusWiley-Blackwell Publishing1501AJan-721467-6281
Academia Economic PapersAmerican Economic Association1402C1018-161X
Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies JournalAcademy of Accounting and Financial Studies1501C1096-3685
Academy of Management AnnalsAcademy of Management1503A*1941-65201941-6067
Academy of Management DiscoveriesAcademy of Management1503A2168-1007
Academy of Management JournalAcademy of Management1503A*Jan-731948-0989
Academy of Management Learning and EducationAcademy of Management1503A*1537-260X1944-9585
Academy of Management PerspectivesAcademy of Management1503A1558-90801943-4529
Academy of Management ReviewAcademy of Management1503A*0363-74251930-3807
Academy of Marketing Studies JournalAllied Business Academies1505B1095-62981528-2678
Accident Analysis and PreventionElsevier1507A*Jan-751879-2057
Accountancy Business and the Public InterestAssociation for Accountancy & Business Affairs1501B1745-7718
Accounting Accountability and PerformanceGriffith University1501C1445-954X
Accounting and Business ResearchTaylor & Francis Online1501AJan-882159-4260
Accounting and FinanceJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.1501A0810-53911467-629X
Accounting and TaxationInstitute for Business and Finance Research1501C1944-592X
Accounting and the Public InterestAmerican Accounting Association1501B1530-9320
Accounting Auditing and Accountability JournalEmerald Group Publishing Limited1501A*0951-35741758-4205
Accounting EducationTaylor & Francis Online1501A0963-92841468-4489
Accounting Educators JournalAcademy of Accounting Educators Inc.1501B1041-0392
Accounting ForumTaylor & Francis Online1501B0155-99821467-6303
Accounting Historians JournalAmerican Accounting Association1501B0148-4184
Accounting HistorySage Publications1501A1032-37321749-3374
Accounting History ReviewTaylor & Francis Online1501B2155-28512155-286X
Accounting HorizonsAmerican Accounting Association1501A0888-79931558-7975
Accounting in EuropeTaylor & Francis Online1501A1744-94801744-9499
Accounting PerspectivesWiley-Blackwell Publishing1501B1911-382X1911-3838
Accounting Research JournalEmerald Group Publishing1501B1030-9616
Accounting, Economics and Law: A ConviviumDe Gruyter1501B2194-60512152-2820
Accounting, Finance and Governance ReviewIrish Accounting and Finance Association1501C0791-9638
Accounting, Organizations and SocietyElsevier1501A*0361-36821873-6289
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human InteractionAssociation for Computing Machinery806A*1073-05161557-7325
ACM Transactions on Computing EducationAssociation for Computing Machinery806C1531-42781531-4278
ACM Transactions on Information SystemsAssociation for Computing Machinery806C1046-81881558-2868
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer SimulationAssociation for Computing Machinery1503B1049-33011558-1195
Acta OeconomicaAkademiai Kiado1499CJan-731588-2659
Acta PsychologicaElsevier1503AJan-181873-6297
Acta TuristicaUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business1506C0353-43161848-6061
Acta Universitatis Bohemiae MeridionalisSciendo1402C1212-32852336-4297
Action Learning and Action Research JournalALARA Association Inc.1503C1326-964X1326-964X
Action Learning Research and PracticeTaylor and Francis Online1503C1476-73331476-7341
Active Learning in Higher EducationSage Publications1503B1469-78741741-2625
Actuarial Research ClearinghouseSOA Education and Research Section1502C0732-5428
Adelaide Law ReviewUniversity of Adelaide180105A0065-1915
Administration and SocietySage Publications1503B0095-39971552-3039
Administrative Science QuarterlySage Publications1503A*Jan-921930-3815
Administrative Theory and PraxisTaylor & Francis Online1503B1084-18061949-0461
Advances and Applications in StatisticsPushpa Publishing House104C0972-3617
Advances in AccountingElsevier1501A0882-61101046-5715
Advances in Accounting Behavioral ResearchEmerald Group Publishing1501A1475-1488
Advances in Accounting EducationEmerald Group Publishing1501C1085-4622
Advances in Applied ProbabilityApplied Probability Trust104AJan-781475-6064
Advances in Consumer ResearchAssociation for Consumer Research1505B0098-9258
Advances in Developing Human ResourcesSage Publications1503C1523-42231552-3055
Advances in Environmental Accounting and ManagementEmerald Group Publishing1501B1479-3598
Advances in Experimental Social PsychologyElsevier1503A*0065-26011557-8410
Advances in Hospitality and LeisureEmerald Group Publishing1504C1745-3542
Advances in International ManagementEmerald Group Publishing1503C1571-5027
Advances in International MarketingEmerald Group Publishing1505C1474-7979
Advances in Management AccountingEmerald Group Publishing1501A1474-7871
Advances in Public Interest AccountingEmerald Group Publishing1501C1041-7060
Advances in Strategic ManagementEmerald Group Publishing1503C0742-3322
Advances in TaxationEmerald Group Publishing180125B1058-7497
Advertising & Society ReviewJohns Hopkins University Press1505C2475-17901534-7311
Afaq IqtisadiyyahFederation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry: Centre for Research and Authentication1402C1024-266X
Africa Development/Afrique et DeveloppementCouncil for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa1499C0850-3907
African Development ReviewWiley-Blackwell Publishing1499C1017-67721467-8268
African Economic HistoryUniversity of Wisconsin Press1402C0145-22582163-9108
African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and FinanceInderscience Enterprises Ltd.1501C2046-80832046-8091
African Journal of Accounting, Economics, Finance and Banking ResearchGlobal Business Investments and Publications1502C1933-34041933-3463
African Journal of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsAfrican Association of Agricultural Economists1402B1993-37382521-9871
African Journal of Business and Economic ResearchAdonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd1402C1750-45541750-4562
African Journal of Economic and Management StudiesEmerald Group Publishing1503C2040-07052040-0713
African Journal of Economic and Sustainable DevelopmentInderscience Enterprises Ltd.1402C2046-47702046-4789
African Review of Economics and FinanceWits University Press1402C2042-14782410-4906
Afrika SpectrumDeutsches Institut für Afrika-Forschung1402C0002-03971868-6869
Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and AccountingInderscience Enterprises Ltd.1502C1751-64471751-6455
AgBioForumIllinois Missouri Biotechnology Alliance1402C1522-936X
Agenda: a journal of policy analysis and reformAustralian National University1402B1322-18331447-4735
Agribusiness: An international journalWiley-Blackwell Publishing1402C0742-44771520-6297
Agricultural and Resource Economics ReviewCambridge University Press1402B1068-28052372-2614
Agricultural EconomicsWiley-Blackwell Publishing1402A0169-51501574-0862
Agricultural Economics and Rural DevelopmentInstitute of Agricultural Economics1499C
Agricultural Economics Research ReviewAgricultural Economics Research Association1499C0971-34410974-0279
Agricultural Economics ReviewGreek Association of Agricultural Economists1499C1109-2580
Agricultural Finance ReviewEmerald Group Publishing1502C0002-14662041-6326
Agriculture and Human ValuesSpringer International Publishing1402B0889-048X1572-8366
Air and Space LawKluwer Law International180105B0927-33791875-8339
AIS Educator JournalAllen Press Inc.1501C1935-8156
AIS Transactions on Human-Computer InteractionAssociation for Information Systems806A1944-3900
Akron Tax JournalUniversity of Akron180125B1044-4130
Alberta Law ReviewUniversity of Alberta180105BFeb-21
Algorithmic FinanceIOS Press1502B2158-55712157-6203
ALI – ABA Business Law Course Materials JournalAmerican Law Institute180105C1536-4445
Aligarh Journal of StatisticsAligarh Muslim University104C0971-0388
Alternative Law JournalSage Publications180105B1037-969X2398-9084
Alternatives: global, local, politicalSage Publications1503A0304-37542163-3150

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Do not forget to check the Scopus and scimago rank list before sending your papers to any of these journals. This article for just for your understanding of how ABDC works and how you need to publish in ABDC-ranked journals. However, you need to check all the scopes and the number of issues before sending them to them.

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