Most financial news is boring itis filled with terms that we cannot understand terms such as codicil, equity annuity disintermediation. What are these terms most financial news is not even for regular people like you is for people who are already in businesses, and that does not make any sense because giving business news people are already aware of businesses is like giving fitness information only to your gym trainer drinking adequate water helps in muscle repair send I already know that I am blocking you so what about regular people like you and me who have genuine questions about the economy questions such as will the Indian economy ever grow? What are how you can grow the economy? What are the policies that are passed by the government that are in favour of us as citizens? Now the information available to answer these questions are either long or complicated.

Where we come in useful ezzif.com, we research for you and present these stories in a way that is easy for you to understand, so you no longer have to worry about searching for this information from a source that is possibly unreliable and in a manner that is difficult for you to understand instead we do the research. We present these stories in a way that is simple and fun.