What is the master plan of the world’s richest man-Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. He’s the only man in history to have ever made more than 200 billion us dollars.
Can you imagine 200 billion U.S dollars? That’s like 15 lakh crores in Indian rupees, but what does he do with all this money? What is this master plan? I’m going to about the master plan of Jeff Bezos. We know the stories of billionaires in America, and it follows the same narrative. A person sees a problem, builds a solution, and makes a fortune from the solution. Rockefeller made his fortune from oil, Carnegie, made his fortune from steel, and Bill Gates made his fortune from software, but Bezos is unlike any of these people. Jeff Bezos is the founder of amazon.com. Come on, man; it’s the everything store! It’s in the logo A to Z.

Now, apart from founding the everything store, he also has a wide variety of business interests. Though he’s the richest man and though he is enterprising, he is often criticized for not being as charitable as he could be like other billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or even his ex-wife. She has contributed much of her wealth to charitable causes.

So what about Bezos? What is his contribution to humanity? Well, the answer lies with the company that Jeff Bezos founded, called Blue Origin.

Blue Origin is an aerospace manufacturer and a sub-orbital space flight company. What does all of this mean?

It means that it aims to take people to space, which means that you could expect to buy a ticket and take a ride to space thanks to Blue Origin in the future. Bezos believes that for humankind to exist in the future safely, we need to colonize space, which means that instead of being crammed in the earth, billions upon billions, next to each other on this increasingly volatile planet, we’d be much safer out there in space.

This is a belief that has been around for a while. Even the late great Stephen Hawking had the same belief, where he said like just like how Christopher Columbus traveled to America so that human beings could spread out around this planet, in the same way, we could do the same thing but with outer space.

Bezos contributes one billion dollars in amazon stock to Blue Origin, and Blue Origin has been massively successful every year. Since 2015 almost all of its uncrewed vehicles have crossed the Karman Line.
Now, what is the Karman Line? It is the line at which the earth’s atmosphere ends and outer space begins. Not only have they crossed this Karman Line, but almost all of these vehicles have made soft and safe landings. That’s again, not all. In 2016 Blue Origin unveiled plans for a moon lander called Blue Moon. Why is it so crucial that Blue Moon exists? Blue Moon can make soft and precise landings on the moon, thereby enabling a sustained human presence on the moon, and even NASA has regarded this effort as the best human lander system. So if you ever wondered what the master plan of the richest man is? In his own words, Jeff Bezos considered blue origin as his most important work, and that’s the master plan of Jeff Bezos.

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